12 Oct

How Military Coins Transcend Utility

Generally, military coins are issued as proof of the identity of a member in a military unit. They are given to troops of the military not only as a token, but also as a symbol that they believe in achieving a common goal. Ownership of such coins further cements the relationship of the soldiers that ultimately leads to brotherhood. Sometimes, seeing these coins may evoke memories to one who has gone to fight in a war or experienced something in the line of duty that left a significant impact in his life.

Most military men treat each other more than just mere colleagues. Actually, they regard each other with more compassion than what they usually show, despite the brawn and the tough image they maintain. They show compassion towards their comrades because they know the kind of hardships that they will go through once they are sent to battle. They know that some of them may not come back alive from a mission and may never see their family again. They know that they could die beside each other in a battlefield. That is why the bond between soldiers is very strong. Surely, a misunderstanding, which happens a lot when you are part of any group, is not enough to break this bond. Because of this, soldiers tend to look not only after each other when they are sent out on a mission but also after each of their family.

military coinsMilitary coins have proven to be more than just a brooch. In World War I, an American soldier was caught while flying over German territories. He was a prisoner of war along with other Americans. With a stroke of luck, they were able to escape when the Germans were attacked by the British troops. When the British attacked the camp of the Germans where they were being held, they found an opportunity to flee. But the luck of this American fighter pilot did not last long when he was found by the French while on foot trying to find refuge. As fate would have it, they mistook him as a German, one sort that they need to execute right away.

Frantic to find ways to convince the French that he is not the enemy before they could cut his head off, he scrambled for all the things that he could think of to dissuade them from their plans. Unfortunately, he didn’t have his passports or identification papers with him to vouch for his being an American because they got lost or were probably burned when he crash-landed on German soil. Well, he lost everything except a challenge coin that he got as a gift from a lieutenant before he was deployed for the military. And so it was said that a challenge coin had saved his life.

Military coins contain carvings, which could be a name of the unit, a seal, or even a picture which symbolizes the organization that you belong to. Military coins can be custom-made according to the preferences of the one who ordered them. Customization offers a lot of freedom to clients who want to own a particular design of a coin. If upon checking the available finished products on the shop you find nothing that particularly interests you, then see if you can have something made specifically for your needs and preferences. Know that custom-made orders take time to complete. That is why firms that specialize in minting coins ask for a lead time before committing to the request. A good shop will not compromise quality over timely delivery – after all, most clients prioritize the former.